Doyosi (Domain Management System) is a complete system for managing a domain professional's portfolio.

Doyosi (Domain Management System) is a complete system for managing a domain professional's portfolio. This script, which was first started to be coded in 2011, has been on sale since 2013.

With this system, small or large domain portfolios can be easily managed, the collector can list their expiring or dropped domains, or they can create backorder lists by filtering the expired domains on a daily basis by word and extension.

The system is not just a domain management automation, it also offers the opportunity to create a personal marketplace where you can sell domains. In this system, you can park the domains you added from the panel and at the same time turn the domains into one-page sites that you can redirect to the marketplace.

In addition, you can receive payments for these domains by credit card with Paypal, Stripe or PayTR.

Although the Doyosi system is for domains, there is a product sales area where you can sell your digital / physical products. You can continue to sell your products, which you added from your panel, from the market place.

Especially in the technology category, SEO and user-friendly sites have to highlight the content that informs and guides their visitors. With this logic, an advanced blog and content management system has been integrated into the panel in the Doyosi system. In addition, tools such as announcement, slide and media management are included in your panel as modules that you can use whenever you want.

Of course, a newsletter registration system where you can share all of your content via e-mail or a browser notification system where you can send notifications via a browser is also integrated into Doyosi.

In addition, you can automatically send the dozens of domains you have added to Twitter at regular intervals (via the official Twitter api) with the predefined text you want.

In addition to all these, there is a digital tool to create a logo for the domains you have added in the system, and there are sub-tools where you can upload fonts and backgrounds to this tool. But don't worry, you can easily upload other logos you made with your own design programs to the system.

Domain collectors, of course, do not just do this as a hobby. A basic financial management tool, with which you can also manage your financial transactions, will also be waiting for you on your panel.

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