About Doyosi v4

About Doyosi v4
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DOYOSI is a domain management script and a complete system with special tools for sales and marketing, especially for brokers with 100+ domains.

DOYOSI is a domain management script for domain brokers.

There are not many domain management scripts developed in the world. DOYOSI is a php script with advanced features that started to be coded in 2011 to cover the gap in this field and the first version was released in 2013.

There are nearly 20 local domain brokers that use this domain script, starting with DOYOSI v2.

With DOYOSI v3, domain parking feature has been added to the script. With this feature, domain brokers have increased their sales by 40%.

DOYOSI is a complete solution with special tools for sales and marketing, especially for brokers with 100+ domains. Advantages of DOYOSI v4 Domain Script;

  • It allows you to manage all your domains from one place.
  • It is safe and fast. You can see, respond to and evaluate the offers from your administration panel.
  • Disables the mediators between buyer and seller. It enables you to reach the end user directly with fast communication.
  • It brings your domains online with the parking system. In this way, both your main marketplace becomes a brand and the user can reach you by typing the domain they are looking for.
  • You will have an advanced domain management system, you can develop it as you wish and you can easily make your domain sales from your own marketplace.
  • If you have other digital applications you have developed, you can easily sell them from the digital product marketplace.
  • When you want to open a news / blog site about your domain or technology, you can easily do this through your own brand. Because DOYOSI Domain Script also has an advanced content management system.
  • It has an advanced SEO infrastructure. Your content will be easily visible on search engines.
  • There are dozens of park themes and making personalized themes requires simple HTML code knowledge. You can easily make your own themes.

And DOYOSI has lots of features like domain name registration & catch module, exporting domain lists, bulk ads, google auto ads, sitemap etc.

Esra's husband, Cengiz Alp's father...
Sezgin and Cengiz's son ... Gökay and Türkay's older brother...

I worked as a Science & Tech teacher and IT coordinator in time, also developer & founder of doyosi.com, futbolsozluk.com and isimdukkani.com

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Doyosi is a great solution for creating your personal domain portfolio website & marketplace.