What is new?
  • Developed With Bootstrap 4
  • Supported Material Design For Bootstrap
  • Implemented With Fatfree Framework
  • Supports Social Media Advertisements
  • Supports Google Auto Ads
  • Supports Google reCAPTCHA
  • Has Lots Of Park Templates
  • Gets Domain Info Automaticly

Tutorial 1: DOYOSI Folder Structure

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First tutorial for DOYOSI system folder structures.

Hi Everyone,

After purchasing DOYOSI we will send a zip file contains script files.

This zip file contains;


Contains all php files / classes / and libraries of DOYOSI script. If you don't know php coding don't change any file in this folder.

  • configs/ You need to change config.ini file before installing DOYOSI...
  • helpers/ This folder has helper class files. Don't change anything.
  • libs/ Fat Free Framework Library
  • locales/ Language Files
  • models/ System Models & Controller Classes


Data folder. Contains two empty folders.

  • lists/ You can upload your excel (xlsx) list this folder.
  • logs/ Don't edit. Logs system information.


You can change your website logos with changing files in this folder.

  • brands/ All logo maker contents are here...
  • brands/bg/ Logo backgrounds...
  • brands/fonts/ Logo ttf font files...
  • brands/logos/ Created logos...

This folders includes upload and caches your content and products photos.

  • cached/
  • contents/
  • products/


Html template files, js and css files, park templates.

  • admin/ Contains admin template files. Do not edit.
  • default/ Default DOYOSI Template.
  • login2/ DOYOSI Login Template.
  • park/ Park Templates

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DOYOSI is a developed domain managment system for professional domain brokers!

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